Architectural or Landscape Change Requests

Download a paint color request form form here

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The Architecture Control Committee (ACC) wants to hear from you! In accordance with our neighborhood CC&Rs, all exterior structural improvements to a homeowner’s property must be approved by the ACC or the Board of Directors. Some requests are approved as is, others require changes to comply with guidelines. A request may be denied if a plan conflicts with a CC&R requirement.

Please submit your proposal 30 days prior to when you plan to begin the work. The ACC committee will contact the homeowner to confirm the request to confirm the details of the project. The committee may need to visit the property to get a better understanding of the plan. A decision will made be made and written notification given to the homeowner

The most common exterior projects that require ACC approval are:

  • Please note: Our CC&Rs require that the ACC committee be notified of any painting project, even touch-up painting and repainting using the existing colors. Filling out the ACC form takes little effort and allows the committee to respond to any neighbors who may have concerns.Fences
  • Sheds
  • Decks
  • Arbors
  • House painting
  • Major landscaping projects
  • Concrete additions
  • Greenhouses

Thank you for your cooperation in making Tamarack Ridge a great place to live.