Board/HOA Info

Our Neighborhood

The Tamarack Ridge neighborhood consists of 134 homes located in Covington, WA.

What Is a Homeowners’ Association (HOA)?

The Tamarack Ridge HOA was formed by the developer when the plat was first recorded with King County in 2001. The developer recorded a set of governing documents which formed the Association. These governing documents are made up of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

The Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Washington in order to establish the Association as a nonprofit corporation. A report is filed annually with the state to maintain that status.

The Bylaws provide the mechanism for how the Association should operate. It provides for a Board of Directors who oversee the activities of the Association and the membership who elect the board at annual meetings.

The Board’s primary duty is to enforce the CC&Rs and maintain the common area in order to protect and increase property values over time. The Board may establish committees to help with activities such as Architectural Control, Landscape, Maintenance and Social Events. The people who serve on the Board and committees volunteer their time to make the community a better place for everyone.

If you’d like to become more involved in your HOA, please contact one of the Board members.

Board Contact List

For fastest response, please send any communication to the full board at Individual board members can be reached in the following ways:

Francis Kaheiki, President
Kenny Rogers, Vice President
Michael Goria, Secretary

Management Company

Tamarack Ridge uses Around the Clock, Inc., of Kent as our property-management firm. ATC provides their HOA expertise to the board and assists in the enforcement of neighborhood CC&Rs. Our representative:

James Tungsvik
Phone: 253-852-3000, x109; email:

ACC/Landscape Committee

This board-appointed committee advises the board on architecture and landscape issues. If there is a vacancy, a notice asking for interested homeowners will appear on this website. Current committee members:

Dale Brickman

Ken Broman

Tim Boisvin


Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes are now on the Governing Documents page – click here