We continue to experience an issue with overnight parking by some homeowners. We recommend you start using garage for overnight parking, if you currently do not do so. As a community there are many events that require parking for guests, birthdays, anniversaries, and backyard BBQs to name a few. By offloading our streets, you and your neighbors’ guests can enjoy a visit to Tamarack Ridge It’s the Rules: Within the CCR’s Article 7.15 it states that no motor vehicles of any kind shall be parked overnight on any street adjoining any lot or common area; provided that, such vehicles belonging to guests of a Lot Owner may occasionally be so parked so long as such parking will
not violate any other provision of this Section 7.15. ETC.

Test your Knowledge of the Neighborhood Rules!

1. Will a change in exterior color, siding, or roof style require approval from your city or ACC?
2. Does Tamarack Ridge have restrictions on type and height of fences?
3. Are there rules related to campers and boats being parked on your property?
4. Are there restrictions on the types of business that can be run out of your home?
5. Are there particular types of animals, sizes, or breeds prohibited in the neighborhood?
6. Can homeowners park their cars overnight on the streets?
Answers on the bottom of the newsletter!

Neighborhood Support!

Our parks, trails and community playgrounds has been updated and well maintained. Many of us and our pets have enjoyed its use. We ask that everyone remain respectful of the adjacent homeowners to all common ground properties. This includes honoring the times the parks and trails are open. Pick up any of our pets disposals. Remind family members about the values of our community and continue to enjoy the trails and parks.

Walking Trial and Pond!

It has been reported that the pond area along 164th has been frequented by teenagers using the area for smoking. In addition we are seeing more trash in the area even though there are garbage bins placed along the trail. We ask that you keep a watch on this area and notify police if necessary.

Great time to get ready for Spring Painting.

If you are looking to PAINT please submit the proper ACC form to avoid delays. Photocopies, photographs or computer images do not accurately reflect the colors you plan to use. All exterior projects require approval, this includes roofing, painting, decks and patio, major landscaping changes, additions or changes to the original look of the home. The process for approval is simply to complete an ACC form which you can get from our website. There is a 30 day turn around for any request so submit early and we will try our best to respond right away. We also have preapproved HOA colors for fast approval. Go to the community website for specific information.


Rules & Regulations 4.15

Exterior holiday lights and decorations are allowed. Lights and decorations may go up three weeks prior to the holiday and must be removed within one week after the holiday. The exception to this will be the Christmas/Chanukah period when lights and decorations may go up at Thanksgiving. All Christmas and Chanukah decorations including lights must be completely removed by January 31st.

THANK YOU! From the Board and ACC!

Thank you all for who attended the annual meeting in December. We had a great presentation to showcase our current and future goals on maintaining and improving our community. You can see this on our website. We are excited about the progress and looking forward to another great year. All of your support and encouragement was truly appreciated. The HOA and ACC are looking to add new members with fresh ideas. If you would like to join please contact our property manager or go to our website for inquires.

Test your Knowledge Answer: 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. No

If you have any questions please feel free to visit our website at

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