Our community has notice a great improvement in regards to the parking on the streets and want to truly thank all the neighbors for understanding the value of these efforts. Keep up the good work and let’s continue to improve our neighborhood to keep it one of the best places to live.


Start now to clean out the garage, get rid of old clothes, toys, and all those miscellaneous items that you have been wanting to donate. Let us make this one of the biggest neighborhood garage sales ever. Ads will be placed in The Reporter, Craig’s list and other social media. Invite your friends and family for great bargains. The sale will
be advertised to start at 9am each day. You may participate all three days or only one at any time. Crofton Heights and Tamarack Ridge will be doing a Joint Garage Sale.

NO parking in streets. Why is it Important?

1. It’s the Rules: Within the CCR’s Article 7.15 it states that no motor vehicles of any kind shall be parked overnight on any street adjoining any lot or common area; provided that, such vehicles belonging to guests of a Lot Owner may occasionally be so parked so long as such parking will not violate any other provision of this Section7.15. ETC.
2. Street Cleaners: The city of Covington street sweepers periodically clean our streets. This is more difficult and results in a less effective clean up when cars are parked on the street. Let’s make our streets shine.
3. Safety prospective: With a vibrant and active neighborhood there are concerns for the safety of our neighbors, young and old. Parked cars can present a hazard for playing children and walkers. Let’s be proactive and make sure our neighborhood and neighbors are safe.


As spring is here, we all love to enjoy long walks with our furry little friends within our community and parks. Please remember to be courteous of your neighbors and the community by picking up your furry little friends OPPS! This will help maintain the appeal of where we live. It’s also the right thing to do.

Community Entry to Tamarack Ridge

We have been in yearlong process, working with the New Landscaping Company, to bring our community back up to great presence with the original intention of the Builder and HOA. We are on a continued path for some positive changes of manicure hedges and new bushes on SE 251st St of the main entry. Please submit an ACC form for any requested changes of front yard if you live on the main entrance strip. HOA have taken over some of the maintenance to keep a consistent look so communication if important.

DID YOU KNOW within the CCR’s

Section 7.22 Garbage and Refuse. No garbage, refuse, rubbish, cuttings, or debris of any kind shall be deposited on or left upon any Lot unless placed in an attractive container suitably located and screened from view from the street and from the ground level of adjacent Lots and Common Area. Such containers shall be returned to the storage or disposal of such materials shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. No building material of any kind shall be placed or stored on any property within the Project until the Lot Owner is ready to commence construction, and then such materials shall be placed within the boundary lines of the Lot upon which its use is intended. Garbage cans may only be placed in public view on the day of garbage pick-up. All woodpiles and storage areas must be placed so that they do not obstruct or hamper any other Lot Owners view and must be suitably screened from view from the street and from the ground level of adjacent Lots and common Area.

Neighborhood Alert!

Please keep an eye out within the community parks and trails. It seems there has been some unwanted activities at times by teenagers. Please report anything that needs to be reported to the police and HOA. One of the great aspect of this neighborhood is that we all look out for each other and want to make sure that we are all safe and have a presentable community.

Great time to get ready for Spring Painting

If you are looking to PAINT please submit the proper ACC form to avoid delays. Photocopies, photographs or computer images do not accurately reflect the colors you plan to use. All exterior projects require approval, this includes roofing, painting, decks and patio, major landscaping changes, additions or changes to the original look of the home. The process for approval is simply to complete an ACC form which you can get from our website. There is a 30 day turn around for any request so submit early and we will try our best to respond right away. We also have preapproved HOA colors for fast approval. Go to the community website for specific information.