ACC REQUEST for Painting and Projects.

If you are looking to PAINT please submit an ACC form to avoid delays. Check out the new HOA/ACC Approved Paint colors as an option for a quicker turn around on our website. All exterior projects require approval, this includes roofing, painting, decks and patio, landscaping changes, structure additions or changes to the original look of the home. The process for approval is simply to complete an ACC form which you can get from our website. There is a 30 day turn around for any request so submit early and the ACC try best to respond right away. You can go to the Website for the approved paint colors and attached forms at under the “FORMS” tab.


August 12th -13th is National Annual Garage Sale Event and a great time to do some summer cleaning by clearing out the garage, get rid of old clothes, toys, and all those miscellaneous items that you have been wanting to donate. Let us make this one of the biggest neighborhood garage sales ever. Ads will be placed in The Reporter, Craig’s list and other social media. Invite your friends and family for great bargains. You may participate either days or only one.


We see a tremendous improvement by homeowners being proactive with their hedges. To increase continuity and a consistent standard The Board has a Hedge Policy that reads;

“All hedges located in the front yard of all lot owners need to be maintained and evenly trimmed to a height of six (6’) feet. A hedge is defined as; “a row of bushes or small trees planted close together, especially when forming a fence or boundary.” Lot owners are responsible for the maintenance and cost to keep a safe and attractive look to your home and to the community. “

Get ahead of the game and give it a friendly haircut to help your community look the best and increase real estate values.


As spring is here, we all love to enjoy long walks with our furry little friends within our community and parks. Please remember to be courteous of your neighbors and the community by picking up your furry little friend’s OPPS! This will help maintain the appeal of where we live. It’s also the right thing to do.


Why not leave a light on? Can’t put a price on safety. One of the many great aspects of Tamarack Ridge is that we all look out for each other. One of the most effective methods of security and to fight crime is to leave a light on your front and back porch for the night. This will deter criminals and give your neighbors a clear site of vision if something is wrong. It is one of the cheapest way to fight crime.


Our Parking is much improved but we continue to experience a small issue with overnight parking by some homeowners. We recommend you start using your driveway and garage for overnight parking, if you currently do not do so. As a community there are many events that require parking for guests, birthdays, anniversaries, and backyard BBQs to name a few. By offloading our streets, you and your neighbors’ guests can enjoy a visit to Tamarack Ridge. It’s the Rules: Within the CCR’s Article 7.15 it states that no motor vehicles of any kind shall be parked overnight on any street adjoining any lot or common area; provided that, such vehicles belonging to guests of a Lot Owner may occasionally be so parked so long as such parking will not violate any other provision of this Section7.15. ETC

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or praise; please feel free to visit our website at under contacts tab.

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